Why is this cleaning spray better than other products I can purchase through other stores?
This disinfectant spray formula is EPA-certified kill the COVID-19 virus, along with other viruses. By having this EPA-approved formulated product, it will help achieve your back to business plan and maintain the health and protection of your employees, customers, and guests to your workplace.

Why should set up an auto-subscription plan?
This option will provide your organization a discount. More importantly, this will ensure that your spray will be on-hand without any disruption of delivery. Since this product is in high demand, the last thing you need to worry about is forgetting to order, or having the supply run out.

How can I stop my auto-shipment?
This is simple, all you have to do is send an email to mark@killthecovid19virus.com cancel your auto-shipment.

Are there additional discounts if a skid (80 cases) is ordered at once?

Yes, please email mark@killthecovid19virus.com if you are interested in bulk orders and freight discounts.

What if I am already using a cleaning disinfectant for my office?
Questions include:

  • Check and see if your product is EPA Registered. XFORCE is an approved EPA Product REGISTRATION No. 1839-220-70053 .
  • How do your customers and staff know that you are taking all the necessary protective steps? 
  • Is your current spray an EPA-approved formula? If not, you could be putting your employees at risk and possibly be violating state mandates.
  • Does your current product smell awful?  Our spray smells great!!
  • How much does your current product cost?